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TWP Mildew Sealer (Latex Mildew / Mold Sealer)

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Product Description

Amteco TWP Mildew Seal

 A Fast Drying Latex Mildew Sealer


TWP Mildew Seal Information

A clear drying sealer for chronically mildew prone painted surfaces. Most re-occurring mildew problems originate from film imbedded mildew, which cannot be completely removed by power washing or hand cleaning. TWP MILDEW SEALER film is impervious to mildew. When applied over existing mildew, it not only blocks the re-growth of existing surface mildew, but also enhances the later finish coat service life. The sealer has excellent adhesion over moderately chalky surfaces and serves as an excellent bonding primer to reduce peeling. The finish dries clear and quickly. This is an ideal product where mildew surface defacement and finish film service life and appearance is important. TWP MILDEW SEALER must be finish coated with a high quality latex finish.

The following data is a list of organisms against which we expect our cured sealant to provide inhibition under laboratory and field conditions. TWP Mildew Sealer incorporates mold and mildew resisting components, up to 300% more than required for some organisms, to make its dry film impervious to mildew and mold against many of the listed organisms. We have found this necessary, based on exterior exposure data.

  • AlternariaAlternaria
  • Aspergillus AmstelodamiAspergillus Amstelodami
  • Aspergillus FlavusAspergillus Flavus
  • Aspergillus NigerAspergillus Niger
  • Aureobasidium PullulansAureobasidium Pullulans
  • Botrytis FabaeBotrytis Fabae
  • Chaetomium GlobosumChaetomium Globosum
  • Chlorella FuscaChlorella Fusca
  • Geotrichum
  • Mentagrophytes
  • Mucor
  • Penicillium Citrinum
  • Penicillium Funiculosum
  • Penicillium Glaucum
  • Penicilium Variabile
  • Sclerophoma Pityophila
  • Stachybotrys chartarum (ATCC #9182)
  • Stemphylium Consortiale
  • Stichococcus Bacillaris
  • Trichoderma Viride
  • Trichophyton
  • Verticillium Glacum

In summary, this product has an 18-year track record with no failures in performance expectations. It is especially effective when applied to articles (structural surfaces) to resist deterioration by mold fungus in high humidity areas. When applied as directed, TWP Mildew Sealer does not pose a health risk. The composition is free of known carcinogens.

Where to Use

Any interior or exterior previously painted wood, masonry, stucco, drywall or aluminum siding. The finish may be applied directly over light to moderate mildew contaminated surfaces. Although it is very efficient over heavy mildew (when black discoloration comes off with light hand wipe), washing the surface with a bleach solution is recommended for best results. Rinse after cleaner application. TWP MILDEW SEALER may be applied as soon as surface is dry to touch.


Surface Preperation

Mask windows when planning to spray apply. Caulk and fill nail holes prior to sealer application. When surface is peeling, remove loose paint and spot prime with sealer, feathering into solidly adhering paint, then apply sealer to entire surface. Excessive chalk and mildew may be power washed in conjunction with cleaning solutions. Surfaces, such as interior and exterior walls in bathrooms have a tendency to mildew quickly due to poor moisture barriers on older homes. If this has been a problem, install 5/8" vent plugs on the exterior surface bottom and top areas between wall studs.

Application Tips to seal mildew:

Brush, roll or airless spray. When sealing lap siding make sure drip edges are coated. Do not apply this product to crumbly, badly weathered stucco. See local paint dealer for product recommendations.

Top Coat Application

TWP MILDEW SEALER is ready to be top coated when the film changes from milky white to clear, typically in 1-3 hours. The film may still feel tacky when ready for topcoat application. Always topcoat with a high quality 100% acrylic latex finish.

Spread Rate for TWP Mildew Seal

400-500 square ft./gallon on non-porous surfaces. 300-400 square ft./gallon over porous or rough surface textures.

Thinning & Cleanup:

Product may be thinned slightly with water during hot weather for easier application. Clean up with soap and water.

Storage & Disposal for TWP Mildew Seal

Keep containers sealed when not in use. Do not contaminate drinking water, food, or feed by disposal or storage. Do not overspray into natural waterways. Dispose of cleanup water as conventional waste according to Federal, State, and Local Regulations.

Environmental Hazards:

This product is toxic to fish! Do NOT apply directly to water by cleanup of equipment or disposal of waste.

Environmental Statement

AMTECO wishes to acknowledge in advance your cooperation regarding the handling and disposal instructions provided with the product. TWP Mildew Sealer does not contain any known carcinogens or mutagenic compounds. The active components pose no known permanent environmental hazards. TWP Mildew Sealer is VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) compliant with all known existing statutes.

Keep out of Reach of Children!

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